About Us

MRA DAV Public school is proud to be one of the elite institutions of Solan and has a rich academic tradition dating back to1989. Situated in the lap of lush green environs and soul soothing tranquility, MRA DAV Public school is the proud part of the DAV Institutions run by DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. The campus itself is known for its beautiful landscape and friendly and knowledgeable staff. From the year of its inception the school has striven diligently and persistently to spread the light of education in order to dispel the darkness of ignorance. Armed with the spacious campus, state of the art facilities and most committed staff the school aims at the holistic development of the learners.

Teaching Staffs:

A good teacher instills in learners a desire to learn. With their thoughtfulness, compassion and proficiency the staff of MRA DAV public school leaves no stone unturned to bring the all round development of their learners.